For I wake up, only to die again


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor void

I died the day I met you, I died the day I fell in love with you and I´ve been dead a while now. And yet, you kill me everyday. You kill me every moment our eyes meet. You kill me with the hate I see. The hate I see in your eyes. You never commited a murder, I committed a suicide. It was not worth it. It simply wasn´t. I died for a bootless errand. I remain in the darkness, in a vacuum, an empty deserted void. Just me and my quiver full of arrows. Arrows that punctured my every self. Either way, the sun sets, only to rise again. And I wake up, just in time to die again. 


So I came up with this piece this evening. It was originally meant to be a short poem ( Ive just started experimenting with poetry so please understand ) but since I have no poem editing tools, I just decided to make it a short text. I hope you loved it.

4 thoughts on “For I wake up, only to die again

  1. […] If time could be undone. Trust me, I would undo my own birth. Much as I would want to go back 12 years ago, and jump in the big colourful bouncing castles, I think that boy deserves way better that what the world has to offer. I would jump alone for hours, just on and on. It is sad that today, it has become my greatest fear. The fear drives all decisions I make. And this is true for most of us. Our fear of being alone drives most of our decision making. We search for ourselves in others hoping to find welcoming souls. And for many, that painful search is a success. For others, it breaks. And it just goes on and on. You want to know why I get up every morning despite the hell I’ve seen? Its because I answer this one question. Would I fall in love with me? Would I fall in love with the whole package of me without editing or adjusting a single part of me? The truth and the fact is that love is healing. It has the ability to heal the most damaged of souls. And just like we search for medicine to heal our sickness, we search for love to heal our hearts. And honest love is healing. Ask yourself this question, “Would you fall in love with you?” And if your answer is no, then you have to start working. Working to be the best version of yourself, one you would fall in love with. But if your answer is yes, then however much the laws of attraction work against you, don’t give up on you. Don’t let the world get into your head. That is a mistake I’ve made. And there is nothing more heart-breaking than seeing someone make the same mistakes you made. The sun sets just to rise again. And I wake up just in time to die again. […]


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