Eyes have seen the fires of hell.

Flames burning the last of souls to tiny flakes of dust.

Souls that once lived and truly loved.

Screams for mercy and redemption feel the air.

Redemption and mercy that’s never been seen before.

And so souls wait in hopelessness and despair

For heavens angels to descend upon the gates of hell

And relieve the pain of these everlasting flames.

 Souls roam the face of this world.

An emptiness worse than the voids of the cosmos

Lost in thought, in painful deserts of detest.

In search of what is true, in search of warm embrace,

Painfully gazing at the smiles in thy vicinity

With neighbours holding hands and laughing amidst these tormenting tornados.

Souls reminisce about the bad old days

When hope was still on the table,

Trying so hard, giving more than enough just to be looked at with warm embrace

Only to get shattered into pieces for caring too hard

 Now these pieces from the past lay scattered along the future.

And men walk in the shadows

In fear of past thunderstorms.

Men talk only to the shadows.

For two decades of shunned passions do have their effect.

Maybe fate cannot be fought against, only accepted.

So men have accepted their truths

That they will always remain strangers in the eyes of another.

For strangers deserve nothing but hate and rejection

And strangers they shall remain till the end of time



One thought on “STRANGER

  1. […] Well, its 2pm, Wednesday 1st ,2020 and I lie in the hospital. I will be released in a few hours. The doctor says I had a concussion last night. I passed out so I don’t remember what happened. I am pretty sure I was knocked down by a bus or something. I have a headache and I am wounded all over my body. My very nice shirt, one I specifically chose for my date last night has blood stains all over. And my head hurts. Damn! What a  way to start the new year! I am yet to get the details of how I got to the hospital but for now I am only happy I am fine. I survived my own suicidal thoughts in 2019 so I guess I can survive yet another year. My mother is convinced I am a waste. I am hurt. Deeply hurt. I don’t even know what I should do. 2pm and no one has bothered to ask how I am doing. Well, I am fine but  to think I had friends. Its high time I stop living in denial and accept the truth. Stranger. […]


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