Why does brown too have to be black?

Close your eyes and picture heaven.

Beautiful isn’t it?

It was bright and white I’m guessing.

Now do the same, only this time, Hell.

So my question:

Why does brown also have to be black?

The good jobs, ‘White’ collar, aren’t they?

The illegal stuff, black. Black jobs we call them.

The beautiful princess was called Snow.

Literally Snow ‘White’, my standard of beauty.

Our standards of skin, black and white.

But are they? Are they really?


I pen these words against white paper

And yet I’ve never seen a white person.

I pet these words in black ink

And yet I’ve never seen a black person.

If beauty is white and ugly is black,

If heaven is white and hell is black,

If all good is white and all bad is black,

Then maybe I live in the wrong world.

The impact our “skin-language” has

May seem small and insignificant

But it goes way deeper than our brains can process.

The tongue has power

And power can be dangerous


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rana says:

    You have chosen the right words, I love the message you are trying to deliver and how you used ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’. Unfortunately, its true, we live in a world where some but many only focus on the colour of the skin but rather than on the personalities or even in some cases skills. This reminded me of when I was young as I am a brown girl, my relatives used to always make fun of me or say that “I got burnt from the sun, I should stay inside the house”.


    1. Solomon says:

      Thanks alot doe always checking up on this blog

      Liked by 1 person

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