I am Solomon Nshemereireirwe. In my native language, my sur name literally translates to “I am happy”. I come from Uganda, western Uganda to be specific. I moved to belgium in the summer of 2018 where I live to this day.

I started writing after being hit with severe depression. It was a means of getting things off my chest. More specifically, I’ve come to learn that poetry is a delicate but beautiful way of conveying particular messages. So this blog is primarily a poetry blog.

Next to poetry, I also love free lance writing. I enjoy engaging people in discussions about different aspects of life, sharing my opinions and learning from theirs. Ofcourse, an opinion is only an opinion and is purely subjective. And that is why I love to discuss certain things because there is alaways more to learn and widen one’s scope of knowledge.

IMPORTANT: Whatever is published on this website is private property. It is not meant to be reproduced under any circumstance unless authorized.

Thats basically everything about this blog. I really hope you love it, well atleast some of it. I do hope to publish a poetry collection book someday. But untill then, I remain your average guy, Solomon.

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