Ik had mijn bril niet op

For my dutch readers: A poem by Solomon Ik weet dat we elkaar eerder hebben ontmoet. Ik weet dat we waarschijnlijk al eerder hebben gesproken. En ik dacht dat ik je tenminste goed genoeg kende. Maar gisteren, Gisteren was de eerste keer dat ik je zag met mijn bril op. God, ik kan zweren dat…

Screaming into the darkness

I’d prefer a full moon any day To those halflings in the sky every now and then Yes they shine, they really do But I guess its not always the light that counts Sometimes, it’s actually the darkness The contrast between the white and black of the night It’s the effect it leaves on a…


I fell in love with who you used to be, Then I fell in with who you are. And I’ve fallen for the person you are trying to be. Sometimes I get lost, torn between these many versions of you But even in that vacuum, that myriad of emotions if you may, There is only…

Chasing the sunset

With every sunset My vision worsened. I chased the falling sun So as to blur the present. Walked through the cold And let go of warm memories Solitude is all I kept So I swam and drowned in it. And while at the bottom, The bottom of a sea of emptiness I found a painful…

I wrote my love for you on the falling sun

I wrote my love for you On the falling sun So that every day I watched the sunset My heart would be right there with you. I hoped that maybe on your evening walks Your eyes would catch the sunset So that you would see Everything I saw in your heart. Even when we were…

Winds of Solitude

A gushy wind carried the dust. Large obsidian rock lay still. I buried my heart in the cold Where freezing wind past me by. In that cold, my heart was warm. At least warmer than what’s been.   Then I listened, I listened to the winds of solitude Gushing in the distance. With them came…

When I found the sunset in your eyes….

I wanted to get lost in your eyes. Just like I did staring at the sun. I found the sun  right in your eyes. Which I why I held on. Every day I get to watch the sunset, It falls leaving me behind. So alone I hear voices With their echoes within. Voices telling me…


Run away , I did

Into this darkness, I reached

My presence hatred, it breeds

My soul and yours I bleached


I say sorry for just being who I am.

And for loving you too soon, still I say sorry.

Only it hurts to apologize for simply being me.

Falling Leaves Of Sadness

Leaves once green and succulent, Now dry and brown. One by one they fall, Only for the wind to carry round and round. And in the storm those leaves float Hoping to find self, hoping to find you. The joys that fill the cups of this world, Only empty the cup that is this heart….