‘Snowflake’ Hold me before I break. Give me before I take. This feeling, I cannot fake. My soul, a pain stuck at ‘The Gate’ So hold me, My hearts’ at stake. Heal me, this void I create. Oh! Snowflake How I wish you could relate -Solomon-   Just another random poem to bless your feed


‘Moonlight’ The tall dark slender shadows The contrast between deep and shallow Chirping crickets, death’s silence Remind me that never shall I be in your presence Maybe in the afterlife……   ‘Starlight’ The tiny little silverlings that line the sky The breeze on clear nights, the air so dry The depth, the distance between Is… Read More LIGHTS

Heart of Stone

They judge and they stab, they mock and they laugh They rejoice when short you come, But always remember this; Your heart is made of stone And not of gold. SOLOMON There will be people who will judge you on the first flaw in you, and there are those that will look past all your… Read More Heart of Stone