A mother’s tears

Her tears were only paralyzed. Paralyzed emblems of hope. Hope that her suffering today Would wipe away your tears tomorrow. She missed  the sunset But found a full moon. Whose light was everything. Everything she loved about the sun. But then the darkness came And flying stars lit up the skies. Stars that granted wishes….

Why does brown too have to be black?

Close your eyes and picture heaven. Beautiful isn’t it? It was bright and white I’m guessing. Now do the same, only this time, Hell. So my question: Why does brown also have to be black? The good jobs, ‘White’ collar, aren’t they? The illegal stuff, black. Black jobs we call them. The beautiful princess was…

Forgotten tribe

What about this tribe? One of a mass of souls wandering Up and about in the cold Empty vessels made of gold Seeking the kind of strings Many take for granted That tribe whose “Knock and the door shall be opened to you” Is only but a verse in the Bible And what about that…

Toxic pieces

Closed my eyes for just a second A whole lifestory flashed before me I saw you and all the pain you caused I saw me before I got shattered Too shattered that you must stay away Or else these pieces will break every last part of you. And who am I but a man to…


I took a walk when my eyes failed to close In the darkness, I watched I watched as the liquor flew out of my hands. With a blow to the head I sent Jack Daniel flying into the moon That night with the moon and stars as my witnesses, I decided to live again. Solomon…


Our existence is the embodiment of hope. The fact that you breathe is hope in itself. Life is hope. But I’ve come to understand that hope is a very dangerous thing. Hope is what breaks you. It is what brings the strongest of men (and or women) to their knees. And since life is hope and hope is dangerous, then life is dangerous in itself. You can’t live and not expect bad things to happen. At one point or the other in life, certain things shall and will happen. But because we hope only for the good things, occurrence of bad things will break us. Just Imagine winning a 5 million dollar cheque! Imagine this happening and you did not hope for it to happen? That overwhelming feeling, the adrenaline, the energy is inversely equivalent to what you feel when you break because something happened that you did not hope for.

Those that hope the most get broken hardest. But they are same people have changed the world. Hope breaks us but it is also hope that pushes us to achieve the impossible. Hope builds the world. So we can’t stop hoping simply because we don’t want to get broken. Life is a risk in itself. The uncertainty of tomorrow is the biggest risk. But to reach tomorrow, you need that hope. That hope that can get you there or break you.

The Eagle

Learn to fly alone The great eagle seldom flies with an another. And yet he soars highest. Be like the the great eagle. LEARN TO FLY ALONE. Solomon


Then I read a BIBLE

LOVE had to be crucified so we all could live.

Thorns to the neck, he bled

Carried our cross instead

Then nailed to it like a thief

A wild dog, A worthless being.

One by one the nails went deep

Deep in the hands and feet.

And LOVE looked us all in the eye

Forgave our sins, our dirty sins.

And breathed his last.


In the middle of nowhere

I see windmills everywhere

The wind whispers in my ear

“Solomon, there is energy far and near”

I just can’t figure out where.

I guess a trip down nowhere

Will give you the energy to go everywhere

So never cry because you’re nowhere

Trust me, I’ve been there.