I say sorry for just being who I am.

And for loving you too soon, still I say sorry.

Only it hurts to apologize for simply being me.

Falling Leaves Of Sadness

Leaves once green and succulent, Now dry and brown. One by one they fall, Only for the wind to carry round and round. And in the storm those leaves float Hoping to find self, hoping to find you. The joys that fill the cups of this world, Only empty the cup that is this heart….


But my promise is that I’ll wait.

And slowly undress those layers.

And when our souls are finally naked,

The stars will dance to the tune of this love


Why don’t the stars remind me of the beauty that is life?

Why I crave for a love so far away.

Why I long for warm embrace.

And why it all seems so far away!

Pigs and Vultures

I closed my eyes for just a second And my life story flashed before me. I saw you and all the pain you caused. I saw me before I got shattered. Too shattered so that you must keep a distance Or else these broken pieces will incarcerate you. Stay away for I eat with the…

On my way back home…

I walked in straight lines. My feet carefully marking the street pavements. I then walked in diagonals Carefully marking the blocks with my sole. I walked with my face down Painfully acknowledging the pain and shame within. I walked with these demons, And they feasted on my failure. It was at this point that I…


Heads turn in disgust, while eyes mock my presence. And hearts, they build these walls. Walls I shall climb for eternity, never getting in. The plague that I am, Hurts me, but above all those I care about the most Even before we meet. The plague that I am, The curse that I bear Will…