Ik had mijn bril niet op

For my dutch readers: A poem by Solomon Ik weet dat we elkaar eerder hebben ontmoet. Ik weet dat we waarschijnlijk al eerder hebben gesproken. En ik dacht dat ik je tenminste goed genoeg kende. Maar gisteren, Gisteren was de eerste keer dat ik je zag met mijn bril op. God, ik kan zweren dat…

When I found the sunset in your eyes….

I wanted to get lost in your eyes. Just like I did staring at the sun. I found the sun  right in your eyes. Which I why I held on. Every day I get to watch the sunset, It falls leaving me behind. So alone I hear voices With their echoes within. Voices telling me…


Always remember that whatever you feel isn’t permanent. It doesn’t last for eternity. If you’re sad and or depressed, and its taking longer than you expected or longer than it should to fade, then you probably didn’t give yourself time to feel. You have to learn to take in the sadness. Physically cry if you feel like. When we feel things, we are easily able to let them fade you. It is probably why the intensity of the love in relationships fades. Just like love, sadness and depression are all feelings. The intensity of these feelings varies over time. Love only fades over time because we allow ourselves to feel it. Therefore, we ought to do the same for depression and for sadness. We have to let ourselves feel them.
But what happens when it doesn’t fade? Well, the truth is even when it doesn’t fade, you learn to live with it! All biological species possess the ability to adapt to changes. With time, your body can adapt to living amidst the sadness and depression. This is not something we love to hear but it’s the truth. It is easier to get work done when you understand all this. This is the importance of time. Give yourself time to get to this point.


Dancing with an angel

For karma holds has a different agenda.
One where we don’t write our story but only read it.
An agenda only the Force can change.

Our Worlds

In my world, I wish you well

Yet in your world, I am the phoenix.

In my world I choose you

And in your world, you choose everyone else.

Falling Leaves Of Sadness

Leaves once green and succulent, Now dry and brown. One by one they fall, Only for the wind to carry round and round. And in the storm those leaves float Hoping to find self, hoping to find you. The joys that fill the cups of this world, Only empty the cup that is this heart….


But my promise is that I’ll wait.

And slowly undress those layers.

And when our souls are finally naked,

The stars will dance to the tune of this love


Lost within self. Within this myriad of emotions. Drowning in the cold ocean. Where clear waters reflect the blue sky. Only, this sky is dark. A mixture of wild beasts and angels. A beautiful grey and black. A painful passion. So hold these hands. Rescue me from this pain. Before I fall never to come…


The whispers in the wind shall destroy the little we had.

And those eyes shall see these demons.

The phoenix I am, the monster, the curse.