And the poet stopped.Took a deep breath and with a a sighStarted all over again.Only this time, he lived one day at a time.Loose from all human attachment.Loose from all the pain, all the tearsA choice not by desire but necessity.And on each day he only looked ahead,Miles away into the fog where a bright…

Ik had mijn bril niet op

For my dutch readers: A poem by Solomon Ik weet dat we elkaar eerder hebben ontmoet. Ik weet dat we waarschijnlijk al eerder hebben gesproken. En ik dacht dat ik je tenminste goed genoeg kende. Maar gisteren, Gisteren was de eerste keer dat ik je zag met mijn bril op. God, ik kan zweren dat…

When Insomnia calls

When night fallsAnd Insomnia callsMy eyes closeBut my mind flows.I stare into the darknessAnd think about this madnessIt’s going to be a long night son.Solomon.

Chasing the Northern Lights

Prologue He travelled to all four corners of the earth in search of the light. And he got nothing but scars to show for it. And one fateful day he found something strange. It was neither dark nor bright, some called it twilight, others called it nebula. So the poet accepted his fate and made…

The Eagle

Learn to fly alone The great eagle seldom flies with an another. And yet he soars highest. Be like the the great eagle. LEARN TO FLY ALONE. Solomon


Then I read a BIBLE

LOVE had to be crucified so we all could live.

Thorns to the neck, he bled

Carried our cross instead

Then nailed to it like a thief

A wild dog, A worthless being.

One by one the nails went deep

Deep in the hands and feet.

And LOVE looked us all in the eye

Forgave our sins, our dirty sins.

And breathed his last.


Let’s hold hands and get lost in the silence. May I drown in your soul and suffocate in your very existence. Let the beauty of the silence, the peak of the darkness and the mystery of desire swallow us up. So that we may get lost, never to be found. SOLOMON

16th September, 1580. VENICE

A LIFE’S PROLOGUE VENICE 16th September, 1580                    The night had been long. The night had been cold. Robbers and thieves, heartbreaks and murderers, angels and behemoths had all roamed this particular night The northern winds had been strong. The whispers in the night had been loud…